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Castelijn & Beerens Bags

Castelijn & Beerens Bags
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Castelijn & Beerens
Castelijn & Beerens

Laptopbag 15.6 Inch RFID

£ 255,78 / £ 204,62


Castelijn & Beerens
Castelijn & Beerens

Verona Bag Weekender

£ 298,42 / £ 212,33

Castelijn & Beerens
Castelijn & Beerens

Compact Laptopbag

£ 136,40 / £ 109,11


Castelijn & Beerens bags

Their impressive history is the foundation on which Castelijn & Beerens builds its name. The brand has taken leather types, sculpting, and product quality to the next level. Generation upon generation has succeeded each other. Trade secrets have stayed within the family to ensure great quality, workmanship and innovation. The second and third generations of the Beerens family are currently running the company. 

The collections that are produced each seasons have one thing in common: exclusivity and quality. Back in the day, they started the company with bags and small leather goods, now the collection has expanded to include stylish handbags, exclusive laptop bags, documentfolders and wallets.

The bag collection by Castelijn & Beerens

The brand is continuously improving itself and expanding their vast collection of bags. The collection by Castelijn & Beerens consists of a few brand staples. Are you looking for a leather laptop back, weekendbag or working bag? The Little Green Bag has one that will fit your needs. In our collection you will find casual classy designs with matching wallets, laptopsleeves and accessories of amazing quality. The products are busines appropriate and make you look even better at your next important meeting. 

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