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At The Little Green Bag you will find different types of wallets in your own style. Are you looking for a wallet where you can store all your stuff or a smaller item? The size does not matter; you always need this accessory.

Bi-fold wallets

The bi-fold wallet is known for the fold in the wallet, making it easy to fold in half. A perfect item for your most important cards and bills. The Castelijn & Beerens brand offers a big collection of classic bi-fold wallets.

Money bands

Money bands are elastic bands that you can add to a card protector. Handy to keep bills together or to take business cards with you on a business appointment. The money bands ensure that all your belongings stay neatly in place.

Coin purses

The coin wallets were very popular in the past. At that time you often only had some coins in your pocket. But even in 2020, the coin wallets are still completely hip and trendy.

Nowadays it is also very easy to keep more than just bills in the coin wallets. In most items there is also enough space for bills and even a number of payment cards. Ideal when you don't have space for a large and spacious wallet, but you want to carry an easier and smaller one with you.

Transfer wallets

Transfer wallets are known for the well-known flap that allows the wallet to be closed. Not only useful for keeping your money and cards. The wallets are often large enough to even store your phone. Also ideal as a clutch or accessory.

The transfer wallets are ideal for men and women to wear. The wallet gives a luxurious look and offers space for all your most important essentials that you need when you go out.

Card wallets

It happens often that people do not want to carry too much stuff with them when it comes to wallets. The smaller, the better is often said. Do you only use the same cards and never have cash in your pocket? Then a card wallet is the ideal solution. Easy to carry in your pocket or in a small bag.

RFID protected

It's important that all the stuff in your wallet is well protected. Especially in this digital era, there are all kinds of options that allow people to skim your (payment) cards. Secrid has a big colection of RFID protected wallets.

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is a specific technoly in which it is possible to store information from a distance and to read it from RFID tags. These tags are also present on all kinds of cards and have made it easier and faster to pay.

When your wallet is RFID protected, incorrect radio waves are blocked so that you can continue to use all cards safely. For example, it is not possible for privacy-sensitive information to end up on the street. A thin aluminum layer on the wallet ensures that the information in your wallet is protected against skimming.

Zip wallets

A zipper wallet is always a nice item to have with you. The wallet offers enough space for your debit cards and cash. The zipper wallets come in different sizes. The small zipper wallets are well suited when you go out for an evening and do not want to carry a very big bag. The large zipper wallets can also be worn as a trendy accessory. The zipper wallets with less than four card compartmenst are also among the larger zipper wallets and the wallets with more than thirteen compartments are among the larger zipper wallets.

Key cases

Are you sometimes somewhat chaotic and can't you remember where you put your keys? Then the key cases are the ideal solution. This makes it possible to neatly store your keys so that you can take them out a lot easier next time.

At The Little Green Bag you willl find key cases in all kinds of different materials. Not only the (synthetic) leather key cases are very popular, the plastic ones are also very nice key cases.

Tri-fold wallets

The tri-fold wallets resembles the bi-fold wallet. But the name says it all. Where the bi-fold wallet has two flaps, the tri-fold wallet has three. This gives you more space for your cards, coins and bills and even for the receipts you want to keep.

Order you wallet online

Have you been able to choose between all the different wallets and found your ideal wallet? Order the wallet easily and luckily online at The Little Green Bag. We make sure that we get started with your order as soon as possible.