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One of the easiest ways to take your outfit to the next level is to buy a beautiful piece of jewellery. One of the most popular options is of course to choose a necklace with a nice pendant. At The Little Green Bag we are here for you when it comes to all kinds of pendants. For example, you can choose a pendant in the shape of a heart. Or do you prefer the pendant in the shape of a pearl? On our site you are at the right place when it comes to all possible types of pendants for women. Curious about what possibilities we have to offer? Then it's a good idea to scroll through this page. We have collected the most important information for you below.

Make sure you have a beautiful appearance

We will now go into the possible pendants you can choose from on our website. However, we will first take a look at the pendants themselves. You want to know why it is wise to choose a pendant for your outfit. The great thing about a necklace with a pendant is that you can really use them for everything. You can choose to hang your pendant necklace over your dress if you want to spend an evening in style. The silver colours will ensure that you immediately get the attention of the people around you. Are you more into subtle accents? Then you can also wear a necklace with a charm under your blouse or jumper. Often the size is not too big, so you hardly feel it.

The pendants of The Little Green Bag

Time to look at the pendants you can order from our website. At this moment it is possible to choose one of the many pendants of TI SENTO - Milano. This brand is known for the extremely high quality that they always know to deliver. This brand uses high quality materials that will last for a long time. The silver is to mark as 925, this also stands for the percentage of silver. Of course, all the stones used for the pendants are of the highest quality. With one of our pendants, you are sure to shine. You can also find different pendants from the brand iXXXi.

Will you order your favourite pendant today?

Everyone who wants to put together a nice outfit should have a beautiful piece of jewellery. With a piece of jewellery you can really get the attention of all the men and women around you. With the pendants from The Little Green Bag you can be sure that you have something unique in your hands. Ordering in the webshop is super easy and fast so you can have your pendant around your neck as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can always contact our special customer service. Take a look at the collections to see which pendants of TI SENTO - Milano and iXXXi are available!