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An agenda is always useful. Whether it's for writing down your appointments or homework, it's always a useful reminder! Never forget important appointments and be on time everywhere with a handy agenda. The Little Green Bag has a wide range of great agendas. Choose a beautiful Cowboysbag agenda for example. Combine it with the bags and/or wallets of this brand. You will be completely in style and have a nice complete set. With an agenda you are always up to date with all your appointments! Take the compact agenda everywhere you go.

The Little Green Bag has various brands of diaries such as: Cowboysbag and My Jewellery. The Cowboysbag agendas are made of the same leather as the bags and wallets of this brand. This allows you to create a beautiful matching set. The agenda is super handy for school or work. Never forget your test or important appointment by writing everything down in the hip agenda. The agenda has a ring binder and room for cards. There is also a pen holder in this handy agenda, so it is multifunctional! With an agenda you are always aware of your appointments and you will not easily forget an appointment or be late. Take your agenda with you wherever you go. This way you can easily plan appointments on-the-go. This way you won't make a mistake in the day or time!

School agendas

When the new school year is just around the corner (or your current school diary is about to fall apart), it's time for a new, shiny and bright agenda. In our collection you will find the nicest ones. Back to school with the cutest agendas! What is your favourite? With an agenda you can easily organise your week the way you like to see it. With an agenda you will not easily forget to do your homework. It will also help you remember the date of an important test. So there are never any surprises! School agendas are often divided into weeks and there is plenty of writing space. There is also plenty of room for notes, birthdays and other details. This way you can write down everything you want!

Annual agendas

A new year ahead of us means that the calendar year is coming to an end. Time for a new diary! And where better to get one than from your favourite online shop: The Little Green Bag! Annual agenda says it all: a diary that you can use all year round! Choose a small model and take it everywhere with you. Or choose a nice big diary for the kitchen table and easily write down all your appointments in it. Choose a nice solid colour or a fun print and never forget your important appointments!

Order agendas online

Found a great agenda? You will always find something that suits you and your style. Order your diary online and enjoy all the convenience. In just a few clicks you can be the proud owner of your new purchase. We will immediately start working on your order, so you can receive your item as soon as possible! help you.