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Anti-theft backpacks

Anti-theft backpacks
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XD Design
XD Design

Bobby Sling

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XD Design
XD Design

Cathy Anti-harassment Backpack

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Anti-theft backpacks

You can prevent your valuables from being stolen with an anti-theft backpack! The anti-theft backpack is designed in a way that’s extra hard to open for thieves. The bags’ zippers and compartments are hidden. On top of that, the bags are made of cut resistant material so they can’t be cut open. Most of these bags are provided with a RFID-system. This systems makes it so your cards can’t be skimmed. Furthermore the bags are practically designed and most even have a USB port. The anti-theft backpacks have lots of handy compartments. This way you can put away all your belongings. This all makes the anti-theft backpack a real on-the-go bag!

Besides the fact that these anti-theft backpacks are extremely safe, you want something that looks good as well. The Little Green Bag has a big variety of anti-theft backpacks. The anti-theft backpacks are characterized by their slim look and beautiful plain colours. This way the backpacks aren’t just safe, but great for everyday use. The backpacks are ideal for work, travelling or for daily use.

Anti-theft backpacks by XD Design

XD Design is a frontrunner in anti-theft backpacks. The backpacks all have above mentioned characteristics. Above that they have an alarm system, which is connected with an app. The three buttons on the shoulder strap are for turning the alarm on or off, and for sending an SOS message to a contact you’ve picked through the app.

XD Design has different models. The XD Design Bobby backpacks are the real bestsellers. These can be bought in different sizes, including Small, Medium and Large

Anti-theft backpacks by BG Berlin

Besides XD Design there’s another brand that specializes in anti-theft backpacks, BG Berlin.

BG Berlin is seen as the new generation of anti-theft backpacks. You can recognize this brand by its stylish design. The bags have a slim look and are available in different kinds of plain colours. The many places to store your belongings make this a practical bag that can fit a lot of items. The bags has lots of compartments with one big compartment for a laptop. This makes BG Berlins’ bags ideal for travel or work. They are real on-the-go bags. The BG Berlin bags are characterized by their anti-theft elements. The bags has compartments which are hidden from the outside. This makes for a great place to store you important and valuable belongings. These compartments are not accessible to thiefs and pickpockets. This bag also has a USB-cable and a special compartment for your phone and wallet. These compartments have RFID-protection so your cards can’t be skimmed. The BG Berlin bags are for men as well as women a hip and practical bag.

Buying an anti-theft backpack

Do you want to go out feeling safe? Buy a anti-theft backpack from our webshop. As soon as you’ve completed your order, we get to work on it. All orders are carefully packed and sent as soon as possible.