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Rain pants

Rain pants

Rain pants

Rain, sun, rain, sun. Sometimes you never know what kind of weather it will be. One day it's beautiful weather, the next it's pouring down from the sky. No worries. We at The Little Green Bag make sure that you arrive everywhere dry in the rain. Not only do we have the nicest raincoats in our assortment, but also the most beautiful rain pants! Match the colors together or go for a nice color combination, it's all possible with the collection rain pants at The Little Green Bag.

Rains rain trousers

Your favorite rainwear brand now also has the most beautiful rain pants! The collection of Rains is getting more and more elaborate and now the rain trousers have been added. The rain trousers from Rains are made for unisex use, which means that both men and women can wear them. That is of course ideal! So whether you are looking for rain pants for women or rain pants for men, you can easily order them at The Little Green Bag.

The rain pants from Rains are made of polyester and PU so they are resistant to the rain. The pants are adjustable by means of the drawstring at the waist and here you will also find an elastic band so the pants will not sag easily while walking or cycling. And that is of course very handy. The legs also have elastic so the pants are narrow at the bottom and comfortable around your legs. So you don't have wide legs that you can hang in or trip over. Safety first! The pants have a waterproof pocket so you can safely store your phone, keys or cardholder during your ride. This way you will not only look stylish in your rain pants, but you will also arrive at your destination with dry belongings!

Do you already have a nice pair of rain trousers? Match these perfectly with a great pair of rain trousers. Don't you have a raincoat? Then order one as soon as possible! We have a great collection of raincoats.


Are you doubting the size you need? We fully understand that at The Little Green Bag. Choosing a size for rain trousers is also very difficult. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Some of the trousers are equipped with a size chart. This way you can easily measure everything and order the perfect size. Because the pants are made for each gender, we recommend ladies to check their size carefully. It is possible that the size of a ladies rain pants will be a bit larger than the size of the men's pants.

Are you still a bit insecure? That's no problem. We offer free shipping (above 50 euro), but also free returns. Feel free to order two sizes to make sure you have the right one. The other is easy to return with our online registration system. If you have any questions about this, please contact our customer service by phone, email or chat.

Ordering rain trousers online

Have you found your new favorite rain trousers in our range? Awesome! Order them quickly before they sell out. At The Little Green Bag we think it's important that you get your order as soon as possible. That's why we get started immediately with your order. This way you can be sure that your order will be delivered as soon as possible, and you can easily defy the rain!