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Tights for women

Would you like to wear cute dresses and skirts in winter? We do! With the nicest tights you'll be ready for the winter! At The Little Green Bag you can shop for the best tights of the brand Oroblù all year round. Even the summer tights are awesome. Because summer in the Netherlands is not always pleasant. That's why we also have thinner tights that are perfect to put on in spring and summer. Of course you want to stay fashion-conscious during the winter (and summer) and this way you make sure you always look good.

Different types of denier

It often remains a challenge to choose the right thickness in denier when it comes to tights. After all, you want the tights to be a nice addition to your outfit. The thickness of the tights is indicated in denier; the amount of thread per (square) millimeter. So the higher the number of denier, the thicker the tights.

The thickness of a pair of tights often depends on the season of the year. You don't want to walk around in tights that are too thick with a warmer temperature. At The Little Green Bag we sell tights of 20, 40 and 80 denier. 20 denier panty's are transparent tights where you can still see the leg through. Transparent tights are easy to match with your outfit. 40 denier panty's fall under the semi-transparent pantyhose group. Here you can still see a little bit of the translucent effect. The 80 denier panty's fall under the opaque tights; these are opaque and give a strong fit at the same time.

The Oroblù collection consists of all kinds of tights. You have the Cloe Panty 20 denier. This is a trendy pair of tights consisting of a composition of 83% polyamide, 9% elastane and 8% polypropylene. The transparent tights have a nice polka dot pattern.

Thee Tulle Panty Lycra 20 denier are transparent tights as well with a tulle structure. This means that it has a structure like gauze. The material of the tights consists of a mix of 78% nylon and 22% elastane. These tights radiate pure elegance.

The Tricot Panty Lycra Micro Fishnet is also a completely different stylish tights with hole structure. These tights have an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit.

The Different Panty Lycra Opaque 80 denier is the right pantyhose for colder days. Because of the flat seams and the cotton gusset, the tights feel like a second skin. The tights are available in 3 colors.

The Magie Panty Lycra Shine 40 and 20 denier is a semi-transparent tights with a slightly shiny effect. These tights are also equipped with a reinforced toe section so that the risk of ladders is minimal. The transparent part of the tights, flat seams and the cotton crotch ensure a particularly comfortable fit. The tights are available in three colors; admiral (blue good), negre (brown glow) and singapour (brown/grey glow).

Discover the wide range of tights from top brands at The Little Green Bag. Which tights will be your new favorite?

Order your tights online

Have you seen your new tights in our webshop? Then order them quickly before they sell out. Of course you want to wear your favorite tights this winter and summer. If you order before 12 p.m your order will be shipped immediately! We will get to work on your order right away so that you can be sure that you will have your new must have quickly.