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Shopping trolleys

Shopping trolleys

Shopping trolleys

Do you hate doing groceries? Carrying all those way to heavy bags. But not anymore, because the shopping trolleys are making a comeback. They are the ideal tool for doing your groceries. The Little Green Bag offers a wide variety of shopping trolleys. These are practically designed with different compartments. They even have hooks so you can tilt the shopping trolleys and you don’t have to bend down to put in your groceries. On top of that the shopping trolleys has handles with which you can pick it up. The trolleys are practical and look good. The nice prints give it a hip look. Pick a nice print or pretty plain colour and buy your groceries in style. Discover our collection of shopping trolleys at The Little Green Bag.

Shopping trolley

Shopping trolleys come in different shapes and sizes to make carrying your things easier. There are models especially designed for carrying crates, bottles or foldable crates. It’s important to keep an eye on the trolleys maximum load capacity. Most trolleys can carry up to 50kg.

Shopping trolleys by Reisenthel

Reisenthel is one of the brands which breathes new life into the shopping trolley. They did this using creativity, modernity and innovative design. The Reisenthel trolleys roll down the streets silently. These trolleys have hooks so you don’t have to bend down when putting in your groceries. Most trolleys have a shoulder strap as well. This ensures you can carry the trolley up stairs for example. The Reisenthel collection consists of practical products of good quality. There are prints, colours and designs for everyone.

Order shopping trolleys online

Did you find a nice shopping trolley? You are guaranteed to find something that fits you and your style. Order your items online with ease. Within a few clicks you will be the proud owner of your new purchase. We will get to work on your order as quickly as possible.