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Reading sunglasses

Reading sunglasses

Reading sunglasses

Reading becomes fun again with reading sunglasses! On holiday or perhaps just in the garden; when you are reading when the sun is shining, it becomes a little more difficult with ordinary reading spectacles. The paper often reflects the sunlight, which is very bright for your eyes. With prescription sunglasses you no longer have to squint your eyes and you get the protection that is so important for your eyes. Choose the right prescription and go out in style. The Little Green Bag has a wide range of prescription sunglasses! Because of the many frames and colours, there is always a pair that fits your style!

Sunglasses by Izipizi

The Izipizi sunglasses are everything you expect and more! Unlike most sunglasses, they are anything but boring. Not only do they come in different power levels, you can also choose from a wide range of models and colours. This way, you'll always have a pair of glasses at hand that not only allow you to read perfectly, but are also incredibly stylish. Every season, this brand presents a whole new collection of the coolest glasses. 

The glasses of Izipizi make you look trendy right away! In our collection, you will find the sunglasses with a strength of +1 to +3. The Izipizi glasses are available in many fun models and colours. So there is always a pair of glasses that suits your style. The Izipizi glasses are also unisex. This means that the glasses are available in timeless colours, so that you will love these glasses for years to come. Choose a nice frame and search for your strength. Have a quick look through our range to find the perfect prescription glasses.

Order your sunglasses online

Have you found a frame with the right prescription? You will always find something that suits you and your style. Order your item online and experience all the conveniences. Within a few clicks, you will be the proud owner of your new purchase. We will immediately start working on your order, so you can receive your item as soon as possible!