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Moneybands are handy elastic bands that you can add to your card protector. A card protector is a wallet in which many cards can be stored. This way you don't have to walk around with a big wallet and you can easily have all your important cards at hand. A moneyband is very handy to add to the card protector. The moneybands are made of elastic material and can be placed around the card protector. This way you can easily clip some ransom money or a business card behind the elastic band. The moneyband takes up no extra space and is compact in size. This way it fits perfectly around the moneyband of Secrid. 

Moneybands from Secrid

Would you like to add some extras to your Cardprotector from Secrid? That's possible with the Moneyband! The Secrid Money Band is a handy addition to the Secrid Cardprotector, in the form of an elastic band. You can easily slide it around your Secrid wallet. A fun and original addition to various wallets. The elastic fabric band can be used to place cash and business cards behind the wallet, or to connect two Cardprotectors. The elastic band keeps everything neatly in place! This ensures that all your most important stuff stays neatly in place.

The moneybands from Secrid are available in different versions, so you can always find a Secrid moneyband that best suits your personal style. Within our collection you will find the following styles: Cobalt, Pergola, Central park, Groove, Highway, Pier, No entry, Concrete and Light stream. Secrid's moneybands can be attached to all card protectors of this brand. Choose a nice colour that fits your style. This gives the card protector a unique look!

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