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RFID protected wallets

The contents of your wallet has a lot of value for many people. That is why it is important to protect your wallet properly. The new era of debit cards brings along some risks. From a distance of one meter, bank cards, credit cards, ID cards and public transport cards can be activated, read and cloned without you noticing anything. This requires good protection: the RFID blocking wallets. These wallets are often very sensitive because people know there are a lot of cards in them. With an RFID blocking wallet you never have to be afraid of being skimmed again. This way you can safely go out with your wallet and all your important cards.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio-frequency identification is a technology to store and read information from RFID tags from a distance. This is used in, among other things, anti-theft chips attached to clothing, in detection gates and stock management. In addition, these RFID tags are also found in bank cards, credit cards and public transport cards. Because of these RFID tags, payment has become easier and faster. So RFID is actually a form of contactless communication.


An RFID wallet protects your cards from being read out. An RFID blocking wallet blocks the wrong radio waves, so you can safely use your cards and keep your privacy-sensitive information safe. An RFID card protector has a thin aluminium layer that protects your cards from skimming. So you never have to worry about your RFID blocking wallet being skimmed. Ideal for daily use or for travelling!

Brands of RFID blocking wallets

Secrid is the brand when it comes to RFID wallets. In every Secrid wallets there is a cardprotector which protects the privacy-sensitive information of your cards. The secure Secrid wallets come in various designs: Cardprotector, Miniwallet, Slimwallet and Twinwallet. Each version has its own advantages. In addition to the practical things that are at the top of Secrid's list, the models of Secrid are also super fun. Secrid offers many beautiful solid colours but also playful prints. This way there is a perfect Secrid for everyone. Choose a Secrid that fits all your wishes and preferences. Because of the wide range there is always a Secrid that fits your style. Choose a nice bright colour. This will make you stand out and you can easily find your wallet in your bag. But are you looking for a truly timeless item? Go for a nice basic colour and combine it with all your bags and outfits. Discover the wide range at The Little Green Bag!

Another brand that uses the RFID protection in wallets is the leather goods brand Castelijn & Beerens. They have a foil in the wallets, so your cards in a Castelijn & Beeren wallet also block RFID. Besides this protection, the wallets of Castelijn & Beeren are made of high quality leather. This ensures that the wallets will last for years. Combine the wallets of Castelijn & Beerens with your bag. This way you'll have a complete look that you can combine beautifully with each other. Go out the door stylishly and protected with the RFID blocking wallet from Castelijn & Beerens.

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