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Laptop Trolley Bag

Laptop Trolley Bag

Laptop Trolley Bags

Is your laptop your most prized possession on every business trip? Buy a laptop trolley! A laptop trolley is super handy if you’re travelling long distance with your laptop a lot. A laptop trolley protects your laptop during the trip and has enough space left over for your documents or personal belongings. The wheels underneath make it easy to transport. One of the nicest laptop bags to take on a trip.

Laptop trolleys for everyone

Laptop trolleys are stereotyped by their business look as a bag for businessmen. They aren’t just for men, but also for women. Every trolley has their own laptop size. At The Little Green Bag we offer laptop trolleys in the sizes 15.6 inch and 17.3 inch.

Our collection of laptop bags is ever expanding and is becoming more attractive to women. It’s important that the laptop trolley is a fashion item and not just for carrying your laptop. Would you rather bring your laptop in a bag? Then our collection of laptop bags is perfect for you.

Why a laptop trolley?

A laptop trolley offers multiple benefits. It doesn’t just store your laptop, but all your other office and laptop supplies as well. Think of things like your laptop charger, lunchbox, wallet, notes, keys and documents. Another perk is not having to carry all your things because the wheels make it easier to transport. The trolleys are ideal for a day at work, for travelling, public transport or as carry-on luggage. Multifunctional. Who wouldn’t want that?

Laptop trolley collection

The Little Green Bag has a wide variety of laptop trolleys by brands such as Delsey, Alassio and Eastpak. These are available in different sizes, designs and colours. The laptop trolleys are made in correspondence with laptop inch sizes. This way you will find a laptop trolley that fits your laptop. Besides the laptop compartment there are other compartments for your other things. That’s a big benefit of the laptop trolley. This way you don’t have to bring multiple bags with you. No matter the weight of the laptop trolley, it’s easy to bring with you. The wheels allow the laptop trolley to be rolled to every place you’re going to visit. This makes the trolleys very comfortable and practical.

The Delsey laptop trolleys are incredibly popular. These aren’t just handy for a day at work but ideal as carry-on luggage as well. The laptop trolleys are available in different inch sized and colours. This ensures you always find a design that meets your needs. Leave your house practically with a Delsey laptop trolley!

Order laptop trolleys online

Did you see your future laptop trolley on our webshop? You are guaranteed to find something that fits you and your style. Order your items online with ease. Within a few clicks you will be the proud owner of your new purchase. We will get to work on your order as quickly as possible.