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Cooler bags

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Cooler Bags

Cooler bags keep your food and drinks cool all day long. The flexible fabric of the bags makes them easy to carry around. With a few cooling elements in your cooler bag you can enjoy a cool drink throughout the day and your food will not spoil.

In the summer, it is great to have a picnic in the park or on the beach. Of course, it is the intention that all the tasty snacks and drinks remain at the right temperature. You also want to be able to enjoy a fresh bite during a long car journey. A cool bag is the ideal solution to take with you. This way, all snacks and drinks will remain well chilled and you will be able to travel carefree!

Discover the convenience of a cooler bag

A cooler bag does not need to be heavy. The cooler bags at The Little Green Bag are made of light material so you do not have to carry around a heavy bag. This flexibility of the cooler bags therefore is a great advantage over the heavier coolers. The bag is also easy to store in the car or on the bike. Don't forget to add the cooling elements to the cooler bag!

Cooler bags from Reisenthel

At The Little Green Bag you can find cooler bags from the brand Reisenthel. In these items you can take your fridge products with you on a nice trip. For example, the Coolerbag from Reisenthel is made of high-quality polyester. Because the inside is finished with aluminum your products will stay cool. This inner lining has an excellent insulating effect and the cooler bag can be closed off completely so the coolness does not leave your bag. This way you can keep all your stuff cool on a hot day at the beach. You can find the bag in a nice print, but also in a plain colour, so you know that the bag will always match with all your stuff.

Order your cooler bag online

Have you seen a cool bag and are you planning a trip soon where the cooler bag will be an ideal solution? Do not wait any longer and order the cooler bag quickly and easily online at our webshop. We will immediately start working on your order, so you will have the cooler bag at home as soon as possible.