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Childrens suitcases

Sometimes it can be very difficult to choose that one perfect suitcase. At The Little Green Bag we are happy to help you. We have a big collection of suitcases so that you can always go on a holiday well-prepared and comfortable. There are all kind of travel suitcases, such as hand luggage, hard suitcases, soft suitcases and business suitcases. And the suitcases come in all sizes and print. You will find brands such as SUITSUIT, Eastpak, Herschel Supply Co. and Delsey.

Hard cases

Do you often travel by plane? Then we recommend a case with a hard cover. These suitcases are very sturdy and easy to close. This is very important when airports are not very careful with your suitcase, but also to protect your suitcase against theft.

SUITSUIT suitcases are very popular when it comes to hard suitcases. Or when it comes to suitcases in general. The cases are available in many different colours from the Fabulous Fifties and Seventies collections. This way you immediately know which suitcase belongs to you on the luggage belt. And besides the high quality of the suitcases, you will definitely steal the show when you walk around the airport with one of these suitcases.

Soft suitcases

Are you more a traveler who often goes on a holiday by car? Then a soft suitcase is a better choice. The outside of the cases are often soft, which makes them a lot more flexible and fits better in the trunk. And you also have the advantage that you can often pack the soft suitcases a bit fuller than a hard suitcase. That is very handy for that extra pair of shoes that really cannot be missed on your trip.

Different sizes of suitcases

At The Little Green Bag we sell a big collection of suitcases. Therefore also of different sizes. Before looking for a suitcase, it is important that you ask yourself how long you plan to travel and how much stuff you want to take with you. There are three models of suitcases in our collections.

The small cases are about 20 inches high. This category often includes the smallest carry-on suitcases that are easy to take on the plane and those you do not have to check in, but can simply take with you in the hand luggage compartment. Perfect for a weekend trip or a business trip of several days. It is important to always check the requirements for luggage of the airline with which you fly. These requirements often differ per company. And it would be a shame if your hand luggage suitcase has to go into the luggage hold of the plane.

Have you booked a wonderful holiday? And do you plan to go away for about two weeks or maybe a bigger trip? Then a suitcase in medium size is perfect for carrying all your belongings. The cases are about 24 inches high.

Are you going to visit the sun a little longer or are you just not a fan of traveling light? The the largest suitcase size of 28 inches is the right choice. You don't have to leave anything at home; everything fits in the suitcase!

Business trip

Do you often travel for work? For a business trip it is important that you have a comfortable and sturdy suitcase so that everything you carry with your arrives safely at the final destination. The Delsey brand sells the perfect business suitcases that are ideal for a business trip.

Order your suitcase online

Have you found a suitcase that fits perfectly with your planned trips and meets all requirements? Order the suitcase easily and quickly online at The Little Green Bag. We are official dealer of all our suitcase brands, so you are always assured that you have an original copy in your possession. We will get started with your order as soon as possible.