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Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes
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Packing Cubes

Are you chaotic and can you never find anything in your suitcase? Or are you highly structured? Then we have something that will make you happy: Packing Cubes. These handy storage bags ensure that you travel perfectly organized and make optimal use of the space in your suitcase. Packing cubes can be found at The Little Green Bag in many different sizes and each has its own function. There are special cubes for bikinis, accessories, underwear and shoes. The packing cubes make sure that all your stuff is separated from each other, which is very hygienic. This way your clothes won't get dirty when your shoes are in the same suitcase. The packing cubes also provide a lot of structure in your suitcase. This way you can easily divide all your items into categories and they are easy to find in your suitcase. Moreover, the packing cubes also ensure that you can pack your suitcase as cheaply as possible. Who wouldn't be happy about that? The more you can take with you when you travel, the better!

Packing cubes from SUITSUIT

The packing cubes are in the same style and colors of the Fabulous Fifties suitcases from SUITSUIT, which makes them the perfect size for this. SUITSUIT's packing cubes are available in three sizes. The smallest organizer is for your smallest stuff, like your socks. One size bigger, the medium storage cube, is meant for underwear or light clothing. The largest organizer of the packing cubes is perfect for larger garments or complete outfits. A pair of trousers, maxi dress, a warm sweater or a thick scarf; it all fits in this large storage bag! Thanks to these packing cubes, all your items are easily found in your suitcase and you make sure you don't lose anything. You can also use the laundry bags to easily separate your dirty clothes from the washed clothes. This will keep your suitcase and things nice and fresh and you'll come home relaxed because you know exactly which clothes need to be washed. Thanks to the ventilation system, unnecessary air is squeezed out of the bag, so make optimal use of the space in your suitcase. This allows you to take a lot with you and you don't have to make difficult choices, so ideal!

Collection of packing cubes

Besides SUITSUIT Fjallraven, Herschel Supply Co. and The Little Green Bag also have packing cubes. These brands offer different sizes of packing cubes. You can choose for small, medium or large. This way you can choose a set that fits in your suitcase. The packing cubes fit perfectly with the suitcases and/or bags of the brand in question. This way you can make optimal use of the storage space in your suitcase or bag. Besides the practical reasons, packing cubes are also super hygienic. By separating and subdividing all your stuff, it stays nice and fresh and there will be no stains. This is also ideal when you come home from a trip and you know exactly what needs to be washed. Discover the wide collection of packing cubes at The Little Green Bag and go on a structured journey!

Order your packing cubes online

Seen a nice set of packing cubes? Order your item online and experience all the conveniences. Within a few mouse clicks you are the proud owner of your new purchase. We will get straight to work with your order.