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Trifold wallets

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Trifold wallets

Tri-fold wallets are characterized by the three foldable flaps. Because of the three flaps, the tri-fold has enough space for all your cards, bills, coins and receipts. The practical design makes the wallet nice and clear. A tri-fold wallet is totally trendy through the use of cheerful colours and materials. For every style there is a nice tri-fold wallet at The Little Green Bag. Combine the tri-fold wallets with the beautiful bags that The Little Green Bag offers or that you have in your own collection. This way you have a nice set that fits together. The wide range has many models, colours and styles. In this way there is always a tri-fold wallet that meets all your needs.

Difference between tri-fold and bi-fold wallets

At first you could say that apart from a few letters in the name there are no differences between tri-fold and bi-fold wallets. But there are! A tri-fold wallet is one size bigger than the bi-fold wallet. This is also apparent from the name. It can be deduced that tri-fold has three 'flaps' and a bi-fold has two 'flaps'. The bi-fold wallet is only folded once, so there is only one overlap between the two halves of the wallet. A tri-fold wallet is divided into three parts, so there is two overlaps. Another difference is that the tri-fold is thicker and therefore does not fit in your pocket.

Collection tri-fold wallets

The collection of tri-fold wallets consists of different types of leather, artificial leather and vegan wallets. These wallets are available in the cheerful colours: yellow, green, pink, red, blue and brown.

The designer brand Furla has the Metropolis Small Trifold wallet within the collection. This tri-fold wallet is very popular because of the fresh colours and the easy model. Combine the wallet of Furla with the beautiful bags of this brand. The colours are completely tailored to that and fit perfectly with the other items of this brand.

But also the Pablita Wallet Small Cabana Essential from Liebeskind gives you a smile on your face. Or the classic leather Carisma Tri Fold Zip Wallet by Castelijn & Beerens; You'll be fine with this item, too. Castelijn & Beerens has high quality wallets made of beautiful leather. The wallets are very timeless and perfect to combine with the bags of this brand. This allows you to combine endlessly with the wallets of Castelijn & Beerens. Which wallet is your favourite?

The Little Green Bag has a wide range of tri-fold wallets. So there's something for everyone. Choose for a timeless basic or a cool print. It's all possible. Combine the wallet with the bags from your bag collection. Go for a nice striking colour or print and find your wallet easily in your bag. But would you rather go for a timeless item? Then choose a beautiful solid colour that you will love for years to come. There is at least for everyone a nice tri-fold wallet that fits all your wishes and style. Take a look at our extensive collections.

Order your tri-fold wallet at The Little Green Bag

Did you find a tri-fold wallet you fell in love with? Don't wait any longer and order the tri-fold wallet online. With it you will experience all the conveniences, such as a fast and free delivery, safe online ordering and shipping as a nice package with a nice card. If you spend more than € 100,- in our webshop, you will also receive a free gift from us!