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Key cases

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Practical key cases

Do you always lose your keys in your big bag, jacket or pocket? This is a recognizable and often recurring problem! The key cases are the invention for this! With a key case, you can store your keys stylishly and in one place. You can also put your keys and phone with a key wallet in the same bag without having to worry about your keys scratching your phone. Handy cases especially for your keys! The Little Green Bag has a wide range of key cases. These cases are available in many models, colours and styles. Combine the key case with the bags of the relevant brand. This way you can mix and match all styles endlessly. Would you rather have one nice set? Then choose a key case that matches your bag.

Collection key wallets

Key cases come in all kinds of materials such as leather, imitation leather or plastic. The most famous classic models of key cases are from Castelijn & Beerens. The leather gives this key case a chic and distinctive look. This makes the Castelijn & Beeren key case suitable for business use or in combination with other leather accessories. The key cases of Castelijn & Beerens are very nice to combine with the bags from the same collections. This way you have a nice matching set.

Orbitkey is the brand that focuses on multifunctionality. Their aim is to transform the ordinary key ring into a stylish and multifunctional accessory. Not only keys can be hung on the Orbitkey, but USB sticks or bottle openers are also suitable for this key case.

The key case from Cowboysbag shouldn't be missing from the collection either. The key cases are compact and made of high quality leather. In addition, the key cases can be combined with the bags of Cowboysbag to create a complete look and a beautiful set. The key cases are made of high quality and are available in beautiful solid colours. These match perfectly with the other items of this brand. Which colour is your favourite?

The key cases from LouLou Essentiels should also not be left out. There's a keychain on these cases. This makes them easy to hang on your bag or key ring. The key case is of compact size and fits perfectly with the bags of LouLou Essentiels. The case are made of high quality leather and have small compartments. Here you can easily store coins, bills or cards.

The key cases from MyK Bags are also nice items. These key cases are super functional and stylish. The key cases are made of beautiful leather and as well as available in beautiful solid colours. The case matches the bags of this brand. This allows you to combine them well together for a complete look. Despite the small size, there is enough space for some coins and bills. There is also room for a number of cards.

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