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Rain covers

Rain covers

Rain covers

A rain cover for your backpack is the ideal protection against the rain. With a rain cover your belongings are guaranteed to stay dry and undamaged. A rain cover is not just useful for a bike ride in the rain, but also for protection when travelling. The rain cover makes it so no water can reach the inside of the backpack. The rain covers come with a small bag to put the rain cover in. When you don’t need the rain cover you can keep it in here. The rain covers have a useful cord so you can put it around your bag tightly. Pick a fitting or bright colour that will make your bag stand out.

The Little Green Bag has a wide variety of backpacks. Think of daypacks, laptop backpacks, outdoor backpacks and anti-theft backpacks. All of these are worn daily. It would be a shame if these get damaged by heavy rain or travel. Rain covers completely negate this problem and ensures you backpack and its contents stay dry. This will keep your favourite backpack looking new. Protect your favourite backpack with a rain cover from our collection.

Rain covers by Fjällräven

The Fjällräven rain covers offer the ideal protection for a 16 to 28 litre Fjällräven backpack. The elastic cord ensures the rain cover stays put during a storm. The cover also has handy handlebars on the sides so you can easily transport the backpack. The cover can be story easily in a small bag. This way you don’t need lots of extra space to carry your rain cover. The bright colour also makes you more visible in traffic. Would you rather have a calm colour? These are also available. This way you can match the colour to your Fjällräven backpack.

Rain covers by XD Design

The XD Design rain covers offer perfect protection for your XD Design backpack. The cover can be easily folded which makes it easy to transport. The cover will protect your backpack from a storm or travel. Your belongings will stay dry and undamaged. The cover is made of waterproof material. This material gives your XD Design backpack extra protections. The XD Design covers are available in beautiful plain colours that fit your XD Design backpack perfectly.

Order your rain cover online

Found a cool rain cover? You will always find something that suits your style. Order your items online with ease. Within a few clicks you will be the proud owner of your new purchase. We will get to work on your order as quickly as possible.