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Studio Noos
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Studio Noos

Studio Noos was created out of love for fashion and the lack thereof when it comes to parenting and diaper bags. Studio Noos therefore makes beautiful, affordable, handmade bags in various fabrics to hang on your pram. Because of the wide choice in design, there is a perfect bag for everyone! Whether you use it as a diaper bag or as a shopping bag, Studio Noos bags are big enough for every adventure.

Production of Studio Noos bags

The bags are handmade by a foundation in The Netherlands where people with a distance to the labour market and a love for creating & customising have the opportunity to help Studio Noos with the production. The bags are made with passion and care. These people think carefully about colour and fabric when making the products and then sew them themselves. When these are ready, the labels of Studio Noos are sewn onto them as well. Then the bags are finished and ready to be sold. A great product is ready to make someone happy!

The cutest diaper bags

At The Little Green Bag you will find the bags by Studio Noos in all sorts of colours, prints and fabrics. The diaper bags are nice bags and have a nice large size. They are made so that you can carry all kinds of things in them! From diapers, wipes and clean clothes for the kids to all your stuff for a picnic or shopping. Use it for whatever you want to use it for! That is the power of the Studio Noos bags.

Use Studio Noos bags

Are you going out with the pram? Then it's great to be able to hang the bag around the pram easily. The Studio Noos bags make it possible! These bags have been specially designed to hang around the pram and therefore have extra large handles. Of course you can also put these handy, trendy bags over your shoulders. The soft fabrics of the bags are pleasant and therefore make this possible. In addition, the fabrics, prints and colours of these super functional bags ensure that you always look presentable. All the different ways in which you can use the bag make it very user-friendly. These items will make your life a lot easier!

Models of Studio Noos bags

The Little Green Bag has several models in its assortment. There's the Woolish Mom Bag, the Stardust Mom Bag, the Mistletoe Mom Bag, the Rib Mom Bag, the Jaguar Mom Bag, the Chuncky Teddy Mom Bag and the Canary Mom Bag. So there is plenty of choice for you!

The bags differ in material. One diaper bag is made of wool, another of polyester and yet another of cotton. The differences in materials give you the opportunity to choose your favourite or even alternate your diaper bag with your other Studio Noos bag!

Order your diaper bag online

Have you found a great diaper bag by Studio Noos and can't wait to wear it? Then order it quickly and easily at our webshop. We will immediately process your order so that you can enjoy your bag or accessory as soon as possible.