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Watches collection

A watch is the accessory with which you give your style an extra touch. For women, a watch is the ideal fashionable item to complete a look. For men, a watch is something that really has to match his style and something he can show off. Because that is certainly also allowed with these watches!

Back in time

Time: something we cannot live without. Our whole lives are divided in time. A watch itself goed back in time. Around the 15th century, explorers needed time to navigate the sea. The origin of the watch thus arose from the need for an accurate navigation instrument. Peter Henlein made the first portable clock with a spring mechanism at the beginning of the 16th century. At the end of the 19th century, the wristwatch was really seen as a women's jewel. Because soldiers also started to wear watches, it became more popular for everyone. In 1957 watches came on the market using a battery. This model watch is still used today.

Today's watch therefore goes back in time. But nowadays, a watch is also seen as the most popular accessory to wear on your wrist. A watch can just give you a different look with different watch straps.

Different watches

The women's watches and men's watches have some differences. For men, the dials of the watches are often slightly larger than a watch for women. And a watch for men has more useful featueres than only the possibility to see the time. Often the date, depth or air pressure can also be found on watches. Also a very cool gadget!

3ATM watch
The watches with the characteristic 3ATM are splash proof. This means that the watch is resistant to splashing water, for example in the rain or while washing your hands. It is good to know that the watch can not withstand a large amount of water. So you cannot swim or take a shower with the watch.

5ATM watch
Would you like a watch that is more resistant to large amounts of water? Then choose a 5ATM watch. These watches are intended for showering or swimming. You have to take into account that the temperature differences between the water and the 'normal' temperature are not too big. The watch is just a little less resistant to that.

10ATM watch
Are you a real diver or crazy about another water sport? Then a 10ATM watch is really something for you. With this watch you are completely ready to go into the water intensively. So you can still check the time meters under water.

Buy a watch online

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