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Decoded bags

For the Dutch brand Decoded, it all started back in 2009. According to Decoded, a leap into the unknown pays off. It encourages creativity. This is why, at Decoded, they love to travel. When travelling, it is important to always have your most important items well protected. This is where Decoded shines. They create the best bags and accessories for you to bring on your travels across the world.

Inspiration comes from different cultures, traditions and developments all over the world. These are brought together in the Netherlands where these beautiful products are designed. Here, the designers are hard at work to create a beautiful, high-quality bag for you to show off to everyone.

The bag collection by Decoded

All Decoded bags are made from different types of leather to create the most beautiful bags. Every bag has its own unique look. The Decoded bags take pride in their Dutch Design. Every bag has a small Dutch flag incorporated in the design!

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