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Jewellery collection

The Little Green Bag is the right place to find a beautiful piece of jewellery. You will find everything; bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The nicest jewellery to complete your look and to sparkle everyday.

Which person doesn't like a nice bracelet, necklace or ring? Especially if it fits perfectly together. Necklaces, rings, bracelets and other jewellery items help you to complete a fashionable look. Whether you might want to use it for a fancy party or for your every day life; you will find the perfect piece at The Little Green Bag.

Popularity of jewellery

Jewellery descends from a long time ago. In the past it was already very important for women and men to spice up their look with jewellery. Of course, the materials and shapes of the jewellery have made a big leap since the past.

The purpose of wearing jewellery has not changed. You don't only wear jewellery to spice up your outfit. But also to convey a certain message. The non-verbal way of expressing yourself to others in a certain way.

Are you looking for bracelets with a vintage look? Cowboysbag bracelets will add just that little extra sparkle to your outfit. Our jewellery collection is very diverse in style as well as in materials. Would you rather go for an elegant jewellery statement piece? In our collection with brands as Jewellery by LouLou and My Jewellery you will find your perfect piece.

The Little Green Bag x My Jewellery

Big news! Not only do we have our own bag collection. We also released the The Little Green Bag jewellery line in collaboration with My Jewellery! This collection consists of a line with great necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that are perfect for every woman. Combine your favorite items now for a unique look or buy the whole set for a matchy look. Go for the Freshwater Pearl collection. This collection can be found in a silver and gold look and has matching earrings, necklaces and bracelets. So you can always look good and professional with a fully matching look. And of course you can match this look with one of our great The Little Green Bag bags!

Complete your look with CLUSE

Everyone knows them. The CLUSE watches are the best sold watches in our webshop. The next logical step was a jewellery collection. You can now easily match your beautiful CLUSE watch with the nicest jewellery for women. Not only do they have the most beautiful bracelets for your watch. They now also have the nicest rings and necklaces to finish the look. For example, combine the snake collection and go for the Force Tropical Twisted Chain Tag Pendant Necklace with the Force Tropical Hope Tag Pendant Earrings and the Signet Rectangular Ring. Or are you looking for something more subtle? Then go for the elegant Essentielle Three Hexagon Charms Necklace and the rest of the Essentielle collection. With the CLUSE jewellery women you can always go out in a fashionable way.

Match your metallics

Are you a great fan of silver? Or gold? Or rosé? Then you are at right place. We now have women's jewellery in all these metallic shades. The colours can easily be combined with each other or go for a completely mono-metallic look and choose one that you like the most. You can easily filter by colour in our webshop. This way you can be sure that you will find the jewellery you are looking for.

Order jewellery online

Found a piece of jewellery that you want to have or perhaps want to give as a gift? Order it online at The Little Green Bag and enjoy our same day shipping service.