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In 1974, the Japanese company CASIO ushered in a new era in the watchmaking world by developing one of the first digital wristwatches in the world. CASIO continues to make watches that impress with their functionality and design. Watches that not only anticipate trends but are themselves trendsetters. The CASIO Vintage collection takes the stylish and distinctive watch designs of the 70's and 80's to the present day. The original CASIO Vintage design is revived with four collections: ICONIC, MINI, ROUND and EDGY.

Classic, small, round or angular: CASIO Vintage brings the design of its characteristic watches from the 70s, 80s and 90s to the present and lets you choose from a wide variety of inspiring styles. Join Casio on a journey through time and discover all the Vintage classics from the current ICONIC, MINI, ROUND and EDGY collections.

Perfect combinations with CASIO Vintage watches

Those who have found their own style usually have a clear picture of which accessory is the right one. Thanks to the fantastic variety of design features in CASIO's watch collections, fashion-conscious people can almost continuously add new accents to their look. CASIO Vintage watches are and remain something special in every respect.

ROUND, ICONIC, MINI or EDGY? If you're still a little searching, experimenting with your style and still not sure which CASIO Vintage model suits you best, ask yourself the following questions: What features should your Vintage watch have? Do you want it to emphasize your personality, do you want it to match your favorite outfit or are you only going to wear it on certain occasions? Then there's the question of what features are important to you and, last but not least, what your budget is. Either way, we wish you a lot of fun picking out your new favorite model.

A Vintage-look for every occasion

Whether you need to go to the bakery in the morning, go to the office during the day or go out with friends in the evening.... Picking the right outfit can take a lot of time. But what if you can determine your looks using one of these cool watches? With a truly fashionable Vintage watch on your wrist, you can effortlessly choose the rest of your outfit. Take a look at the CASIO Vintage collections and get inspired. CASIO Vintage watches give every outfit a special touch, whether you're looking for a simple business style, a relaxed casual look or an over-the-top party outfit.

Vintage watches set the tone for any party - when it comes to partying, a watch from the CASIO Vintage collection is a must-have. Choose one of the chic yet casual designs in metallic gold, silver and black, for example, or go for one of the models with ornamental stones and crystal-cut dials, such as the A159WGED-1EF from the ICONIC collection. The CASIO Vintage collections are a treasure trove where you'll find the coolest watches for every occasion!

CASIO Vintage watches - leading 'portable technology'

Every CASIO Vintage watch is a statement on the wrist. All eyes are on you. Style and innovation on your wrist: Reliable modern watch technology, digital or in a mix of digital and analog, forms an irresistible combination here with the revamped classic Vintage designs - a better example of "portable technology" is hard to imagine!

Vintage watches - modern, urban, unisex

Haven't decided yet which style to go for? All the better! So, you have all the freedom and keep all possibilities open. You can experiment to your heart's content and you certainly don't have to worry about what others think of your style - the important thing is that you feel good about it! Let yourself be inspired and let your imagination run wild! When designing the Vintage watches, Casio always bases itself on the looks and requirements of the original models. For example, they have developed a wide selection of new CASIO Vintage models, each with a unique and unmatched look. Take a look and discover your new favorite model.

Does one seem a little too masculine to you? Does the other look a little feminine to you? Men's or women's watch? At CASIO Vintage they don't work with those labels, but use other filters: You can filter watches based on the display, on digital or analog, on the color of the dial, on the size of the watch and of course on collection. So, you'll always find what you're looking for. Almost all of CASIO's Vintage watches are unisex models - and in the end, everyone decides for themselves what they find elegant, beautiful and trendy.

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