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Behind Bufandy's scarves is a touching story. As a tour guide in the highlands of the Andes, Dorien Straathof was impressed by the magnificent fabrics on the markets there. Handcrafted by using traditional techniques, the colourful patterns were created by the families of the merchants. The demand from the tourists was, however, still expandable, because the colours were often too colourful and the patterns too lush. Dorien decided to support the local craftsmen so that they could sell their works of art outside the markets in the highlands.

At a market in Ecuador, Dorien found a particularly noble fabric made of alpaca wool: wonderfully warm and soft as silk. It was made by Fabian, handmade at his home. There, twelve men woven the wonderfully warm scarves. Together, Dorien and Fabian founded the Bufandy brand.

One of the collections is named after Fabian the Weber. Although most of the models are sold on local markets in Ecuador, the scarves can now also be purchased in this country. Bufandy's creations are timeless and available in different colour combinations. In the collections of Bufandy you can find stylish basics as well as more daring items. So you can choose a beautiful solid and timeless colour that match all your outfits. But you can also choose a nice colour combination with different shades. This way you make your outfit a little bit more special.

The scarves are made of Alpaca wool and are also suitable for people with an allergy to wool. The scarves do not sting and are very soft. Due to the timeless colors of the scarves, they can be combined with many outfits. The scarf will not get bored easily and can last for years. By buying a scarf you support the families in Ecuador. Sustainability is also very important in Bufandy's collections. For example, the scarf consists of 20% acrylic. This material strengthens the scarf so that it lasts a long time.

Perfect winter item

The Bufandy scarves are therefore not only very nice but also very warm. An ideal scarf for the winter and the colder days. But you can also replace the scarf as a coat during the real spring days. This means you can wear the scarf all year. The scarf is not only characterized by the beautiful appearance but also by the small logo that can be found on the side of the scarf. This makes the Bufandy scarf easy to recognize.

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